Investment Services

Wiedmayer & Co. provides full service investment management. Our approach is driven by research, analytics, and financial analysis so that strategy speaks for every decision. Together, our work in managing your wealth and assets result in the maximization of value and the minimization of risk – or, to put in simpler terms, more wins than losses. Wiedmayer’s team possesses the deep, rich knowledge required to make strategically sound decisions on behalf of our clients.



Risk, meet rewards. You could say we’re a team of optimistic opportunists.

At Wiedmayer & Co., we seize the right moment to take the right risk, which results in the right rewards for our clients. With the agility needed to make these moves, our acquisitions are handled proactively, personally, and with a focused approach for each and every transaction.

When it comes to identifying emerging opportunities in the marketplace, we keep conversant with what’s new and what's next on our client’s horizon. We then amplify those opportunities to the financial benefit of those we work with, all in the name of brokering solid, well-executed, and financially prosperous acquisitions.



Asset Management

Wiedmayer isn’t your typical “sign it and forget it” company. We believe – and will always believe – that properties haven’t yet reached their full potential. We’ll stop at nothing to get more out of your properties and assets, overturning every stone to find new opportunities for efficiency and to increase your revenue.

Together, we’ll design and develop comprehensive, property-specific plans to meet your particular needs. We’ve served clients well in traditional offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers, specialized R&D facilities, showrooms, flex spaces, and medical facilities.


Capital Funding

We know the importance of building investment portfolios based on research and insight. Our team is there to support your goals of acquiring, refinancing, and recapitalizing your assets. You can count on Wiedmayer & Co.’s expertise to help you get the most out of your financial opportunities.